Your Path to Self-Protection and Personal Security Training based on Modern Close Protection Tactics

Equip Yourself with the Neccessary Skills to Confidently Tackle the Growing Threat of Street Crime, Knife Attacks, Violence, and Robberies - perfectly suitbale for Women, Senior Citizens, Managers, VIPs, and all Citizens Concerned about their Personal Security

In an increasingly dangerous world, safeguarding your personal safety and the safety of those around you has never been more crucial. SHIELD, the cutting-edge personal security training program crafted by the MALAK KALI team using tactics of modern close protection professionals.

This makes SHIELD a true personal safety concept - unlike martial arts, SHIELD is not based on physical force, which is very adventageous for women, senior citizens and non-athletic persons. It also requires much less training time and effort.

SHIELD is designed to empower you with the strategy to PREVENT and MINIMIZE DANGER for you and your loved ones, and with all essential defense tactics for self-protection, making you a hard target for potential threats.

  • * Tailored for business owners, managers, VIPs, and concerned citizens
  • * Learn critical defense tactics swiftly with minimal physical effort
  • * Tactics based on modern defense tactics employed by professional close protection experts
  • * Benefit from over 30+ years of experience from our instructors
  • * Use modern Close Protection Strategies to create a supreme personal safety
  • * Use Prevention, Evasion and Escape and AVOID and PREVENT danger
  • * Acquire the RIGHT kind of self-defense tactics from close protection experts
  • * START RIGHT AWAY - you can create best security INSTANTLY
  • * Find out all important information in our FREE SHIELD INFO PDF (see below)

SHIELD CITY SURVIVAL - Stop being a victim - start being your OWN BODYGUARD!

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Move past traditional martial arts or sports-based self-defense methods. SHIELD focuses on practical, real-world techniques used by professional close protection agents.

Our instructors bring decades of experience to the table, ensuring you gain valuable skills for A SUPREME personal safety and street crime prevention.

  • * Increased self-awareness and confidence in your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones

  • * Enhanced situational awareness to identify and bypass potential threats

  • * Practical self-defense techniques that can be applied in real-life scenarios

  • * Knowledge on legal considerations in self-defense and de-escalation techniques

  • * Skills to safeguard your personal and professional life


Find out Why SHIELD is the ultimate concept to create enhanced personal security instantly and turn yourself into a hard target starting today!

But don't just take our word for it. Hear it from our trainees:

"SHIELD's training has been transformational for me. I feel more confident and prepared to face any situation. Highly recommended!" - Stephen D., Business Owner

"As a manager, I carry the responsibility to protect my team. SHIELD's training has equipped me with the skills I need to ensure their safety. Thank you, MALAK KALI team!" - Sarah L., Manager


Are you ready to embrace personal security and self-defense?

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